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                                                                                                   June 2020

Dear Fellow Island Goats,

       I hope you and yours are doing well in these Unprecedented Times.

       I recently reviewed the February IGSS Newsletter.   What a different perspective we all had back at that time!   We certainly have gained a Greater Appreciation for our Friends and Sailing Memories.

       As you know, we Postponed the Spring Dinner, so we missed seeing everyone and hearing the Great Stories from the New Island Goats that completed 25 Mac Races in 2019.   However, we have been remotely busy this Spring, and are making plans to have a Goat Induction dinner with Mac stories Later this Year or in May 2021.

       We are happy to have inducted 17 New Island Goats this Spring - Eric Ash (MBYC), Kevin Bricker, Jay Butler (CYC), Chris Clark (BYC), Dan Cusick, William Derrah (CYC), David Gullo, Woody Hansmann (ColYC), Mike Hill (MBYC), Jeff Hoswell (ColYC), JJ Judge (CYC), Tim Prophit (BYC), Ed Radzikowski, Lori Stearns (CYC), Todd Suess, Killian Tobin, and Michael Vanderpoel.

       We now have 376 Island Goats in our organization!

       We also recognized a new Goat Boat, SV Mirage USA 32611 (John Boyle) which sailed her 25th Mac Race in 2019.

       We wish them all many more Chicago – Mackinac Races in the coming years ahead!

       This spring we provided awards for the Fastest Goats to the Island –

       For the Racing Divisions, it was Mitch Padnos and David Sligh aboard Sufficient Reason in the Trophy Division, and Jack Murphy aboard Callisto in the Cup Division.

       For the Cruising Division, it was Brett Larson aboard Perico.

       Also, Russ Salzman, skippering Fearless in the Cruising Division, graciously accepted the Smoked Goat Award.

       The IGSS is always interested to receive stories of Noteworthy Mac Races for the IGSS Archives.   If you have a story, please contact one of the IGSS Flag Officers.

       On a sad note, we recently lost Bill Alcott (40, Double Goat), Earl Lyden (40, Double Goat), Vic Peterson (28), and Henry "Hank" Schroeder (51).   Our sincere condolences to their families.

       We would like to know whenever any Goat Passes.   If we have missed anyone, let us know.

       Our IGSS Members continue to support the Mackinac Island Medical Center through The Ambulance Fund-Expendable Account.   The current ambulance is 15 years old; there are currently plans to buy a new ambulance this year.   The Mackinac Island Community Foundation certainly Appreciates all the support from The Island Goats Sailing Society’s Members!   Click Here to Donate to The Ambulance Fund-Expendable Account  The MIMC Ambulance Fund-Expendable Account was Created to Honor & Thank the Island Goats Sailing Society!

       Our IGSS members also support The Chicago Maritime Museum.   Check the Events on their web site for some interesting and fun nautical and historical diversions.

       Links to those organizations are also provided on Our Site: The Ambulance Fund-Expendable Account  And   The Chicago Maritime Society  They Thank You for your continued support.

       We appreciate our sponsors! Their support is always a great benefit to our membership.   For this past year, Peroni Beer has remained our major sponsor.   Peroni graciously donated 235 IGSS Mac Caps that will be distributed later this summer.

       Our goal is to schedule several gatherings later this Summer or Fall to give our members a chance to socialize with other Island Goats;   however, the IGSS gathering decisions will be influenced by recommendations of authorities.

       At the April IGSS Board meeting, we added Bork Maronn (CYC), John O’Connor (ColYC), and Mitch Padnos (MBYC) to the IGSS Board of Directors.

       Normally we vote at the Spring Dinner to formalize these IGSS Board additions.   In lieu of that vote, we would appreciate if you would Reply to this eMail to vote in support of the new Board Members, as well as the addition of the new 2020 Island Goats.

       We will keep you up to date on IGSS plans and events as we know more. We all look forward to the times that we will be able to gather again with the Island Goat Friends and Family that we have enjoyed knowing over past decades.

       We will Miss Seeing You Island Goats on the Island this summer!

       We hope you Enjoy your time with friends and family on the water this summer!

       Take care and Stay Well.

                                                                                                    Tim Hoffman

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Tim Hoffman

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Vice Commodore

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Shawn O'Neill
Past Commodore

Gary Allie
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George Morrissey
John O'Connor
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Tim Hoffman
IGSS Commodore
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TimHoffman@IslandGoats. Org

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