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       November 2020

Dear Fellow Island Goats,

       I hope this finds you Healthy and Safe.

       As we have noted in the Recent IGSS Newsletter (See Far Below...), we have searched options for Island Goats Gatherings this year, with no good options found.

       Since we have not been able to host parties and provide beverages for our Members, The IGSS Board has decided to Offer a Gift through our IGSS Goat Store at our new Merchandise Partner, TEAMONE Newport.

       Island Goats Sailing Society is providing a $10 Gift Certificate for a purchase of $50 or more of IGSS Goat Store items with TEAMONE Newport.

       The promotion will run from November 15, 2020 until December 31, 2020.   This is a One-Time certificate, and TEAMONE will confirm your name versus current IGSS Membership Roster.  The Promotion Code for the $10 certificate is "IGSS20".

       TEAMONE Newport is a Premier Purveyor of Sailing and Foul Weather Gear for the Active Sailor.  Custom Embroidery of all Items is their specialty, along with the IGSS Logo.

       Access to this site is available through Our IGSS Goat Store or via TEAMONE's Goat Store


       Once you pick a product and go to the "cart", at the top of the page is a Box that Asks for a Promo Code. This is where you can input "IGSS20" to get the $10 credit on a $50 or larger order.

       Here is summary of this IGSS Gift Certificate with TEAMONE
          - One certificate per IGSS Member on the current roster
          - Promotion Code - "IGSS20"
          - Order Online or order via phone
          - Total IGSS Club Store merchandise order must equal or exceed $50.00
          - Gift Certificate timeframe - November 15, 2020 until December 31, 2020

       You can always find updated Event Information  On Our Website.

       All of the Flag Officers and Board members wish you and your family a Safe Winter and the Happiest of Holidays.

       Take care and Stay Well..

Tim Hoffman

       Early November 2020

Dear Fellow Island Goats,

       I hope this finds you Healthy and Safe. What a Summer it has been.  We are seeing the last of the boats head to winter storage.  I hope you had sufficient opportunities to Sail and get out and onto the water this Past Summer.

       We certainly have Missed the Gatherings and the opportunities to catch up with our sailing friends in Chicago and on the Island.  We have been seeking opportunities to coordinate or host gatherings, but the situation and guidance have steered us away from any group meetings for now.  With 380 Island Goats in our organization, we are certainly eager to exercise the social aspects of our organization again when appropriate!

       One recent sailing related Zoom gathering was the Chicago Maritime Museum Festival.  The Island Goats Sailing Society is a proud supporter of this organization and its preservation of Chicago Maritime History.  More Information and Opportunity to Contribute is available via the Island Goat's Website.  or at   Museum's Website. Check their web site for some Interesting Nautical Information and fun historical diversions.

        Festival Logo

       Since we missed stocking up on Mac Race Sailing Gear and Island Goat Accessories at the Summer and Island Parties, we are happy to announce that the Island Goats Sailing Society has collaborated with TEAMONE Newport, a Premier Purveyor of Sailing and Foul Weather Gear for the Active Sailor.  Custom Embroidery of all Items is their specialty, along with the IGSS Logos.  Access to this site is available through the IGSS Goat Store or via TEAMONE's Goat Store


       If you are looking for standard Goat Merchandise, go to our IGSS Goat Store for ordering information.  In addition to regular items available at our parties, the site also provides information on ordering from Land’s End, who can add the Goat Logo to any of their gear.

       Did you hear about the Round Island Lighthouse Preservation Fund?  The Round Island Lighthouse near the Mac Race finish line has been experiencing a Particularly Rough Year with the high lake water and constant ice flow damage.  An Endowment Fund was established in June 2020 by the Round Island Lighthouse Preservation Society to support the maintenance and preservation of the Round Island Lighthouse and its Oil House, and protective water edge rip-rap.



Click Photo or Here for a Status Update!   

       Because of the urgency of the situation, the IGSS Board has approved a $500 Donation to help preserve this special Landmark.  You can help support the long-term health of this Mac Race Landmark by Donating to this Fund at: Their Website.

       The Island Goats Sailing Society is also proud to support the acquisition of a New Ambulance through the Mackinac Island Community Foundation with at least $3,675 Donated in the past year!

       Stephanie McGreevy shared earlier this summer the Circuitous Route that the Mackinac Island Ambulance has made across the county to be built:

       The GMC Chassis was delivered to St. Louis via rail earlier in the year.  It fortunately made its way into the warehouse before COVID-19 closed it down.  After the warehouse opened, the chassis was delayed another 3 weeks as it waited for the riots to settle down in the Midwest.  Last week the chassis was shipped via truck to Quigley, PA.  The 4x4 drive will be installed at the Quigley Motor Company, 4x4 experts, within the month.

        Then the rig was shipped to Florida where the Patient Compartment (box) was added and outfitted with electronics, wiring and graphics.  This is when the Heart of the Ambulance is constructed.  The box, wiring and electronics are all installed.  This is a multi-week process.  The ambulance will ship to Michigan where it will have its final inspection and graphics added.  Mackinac Island hopes to see it before January 1, 2021.  We hope to get a Few Photos from the end of the line and pass it on to you and the Goats.

       Here is photo from the Mackinac Island Community Foundation Annual Report, recognizing the contributions from our IGSS Members to the Ambulance Fund –

                Festival Logo

       Per Stephanie McGreevy,“Thank You Again for Your Support.  We couldn’t do it without donors like you!!!! We miss you and look forward to seeing you in the summer of 2021 at the IGSS celebration.”

       We Appreciate our Sponsors!  Their support is a great benefit to our membership.  This year Peroni Beer was our major sponsor.  Peroni Beer graciously Donated 250 IGSS 2020 Mac Race Caps before the Chicago - Mac Race was cancelled.  Since the Mac Race was cancelled, the IGSS Board modified the caps by adding “Race Abandoned” flags to the back of the cap.  Here is a Story on this.

        Festival Logo

       Some of the caps have been Distributed to Island Goats at local races in Chicago and Holland, MI.  Since there will be no gatherings this year, we are working on a plan to distribute the remaining caps.  Stay tuned for an announcement from Angela Graham when the COVID-19 numbers come down.

       On a Sad note, since publishing our last newsletter, we lost two of our long time Goats.  Walter "Wally" Heinichen (58 Macs) was a Master Mariner and was inducted in 1968.  Frank Knoop (44 Macs) was inducted in 1962, so he was an IGSS member longer than any other current member.

       Imagine all the changes they have witnessed in Race Boats and Technology over all those years, as well as the Stories That They Had!

       Our Sincere Condolences to their families.

       We would like to know whenever any Island Goat Passes. If we have missed anyone, let us know.

       Speaking of the Mac Race Experiences, the IGSS is always interested to receive stories of noteworthy Mac Races for the IGSS Archives.  If you have story that you would like to submit, please contact one of the IGSS Flag Officers.

       Later this year, our members will receive a notice regarding the introduction of a New IGSS Membership Management System, which will allow members to update their contact and race information throughout the year, and simplify payment of IGSS dues.  We certainly appreciate the Work of Paul Murray and Others for development of this new IGSS resource!

       A decision has been made to Cancel the 2020 December Holiday Cocktail Party.  We will certainly miss seeing you all in this festive evening and hearing the stories from the US Coast Guard Officers.

       Our goal was to schedule gatherings this summer or fall to give our members a chance to socialize with other Island Goats; however, the IGSS Decisions for Gatherings were guided by recommendations of authorities.

       We will keep you up to date on IGSS Plans and Events as we know more.  We all look forward to the times that we will be able to gather again with the Island Goat Friends and Family that we have enjoyed knowing over past decades.

        Please include the following dates in your calendar:
       • May 1, 2021 – Spring Awards and Induction Dinner – CYC Belmont Station
       • July 16, 2021 – Pre-Mac Party – Columbia YC
       • July 16-17, 2021 – Starts – 112th Chicago Mackinac Race
       • July 20, 2021 – Post-Mac Party – Island House, Mackinac Island

       You can always find updated event information On Our Website.

       All of the Flag Officers and Board members wish you and your family a Safe Winter and the Happiest of Holidays.

       Take care and Stay Well..

Tim Hoffman

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Vice Commodore

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Tim Hoffman
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